...the 'Artist' in me

Art, to me, is meditation. Time spent in my studio gives me sheer joy and peace! I still remember in school days, during my most stressful exam times I would pick up the brush and paint! It helps me disconnect with the outer world and connects me to the elements, bridging the gap between the vague and concrete, cognition and conviction, reality and perception. My inspiration comes from anything around that has character and a tale to tell! I do not adhere to strict principals of art, and sometimes incorporate many different medium and styles in a single piece, striving to attain the perfection I'm seeking in that work. I hope my paintings can exude the same kind of joy I feel in them myself! Art is always a journey, never a destination... and in my case this journey is backed by my two amazing kids, an uber supportive spouse, a very encouraging family, and some really awesome friends!

the 'Me' in me....

Paint, eat, run, and paint again - that's me in a nutshell! I love all food - the great tasting kinds - the kinds not cooked by me!! As long as it meets this criteria, the cuisine, style and ingredients don't really matter! When laziness doesn't take over, I like to run or explore new trails. And when I'm not doing any of these, i'm certainly planning the next family holiday! Having had the opportunity to live in 8 different countries over the last 2 decades, the varied experiences have been so enriching and enlightening that the nomad in me now yearns to get out and explore every few months! The experiences I gain from every journey in turn help enhance my art and as well as my understanding and appreciation of the different cultures - which I then put down on my canvas!

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