Silent Symphony

36"x18" Acrylics on canvas

A lonely lane...

the chaotic maize of by lanes criss cross a city, connecting the vast to the minutiae.. but pause a moment and they tell a simple tale- a place of quiet and solitude in the mayhem of life, to recollect and reflect. 50cm x 40cm Acrylics on canvas SOLD

Around the bend

A deserted nook, not a soul nor a friend perhaps buzzes with life.. around the bend?

92cm x 60cm Acrylics on canvas

Rustic Perspectives

this painting comes from the streets of Penang, Malaysia. Penang is a colorful multicultural city, and a beautiful amalgamation of British, Chinese amd Malaysian influences. Penang is specially famous for it's cuisine, and for the beautifully decorated Chinese shophouses like the one in this painting.

42cm x 30cm Acrylics on paper



50cm X 40cm Acrylics on canvas.


The deep the dark the painful I've stood through them all... the changing seasons the rising tides I've witnessed them all.. you think you can shake me, crush my soul and break me but throw what you might my way.. I'll still carry on

56cm x 45cm Acrylics on canvas


the sun shines, the clouds loom, the skies pour... oblivious to the elements, we carry on

30cm x 40cm Acrylics on canvas in palette knife

Away at sea

this painting is inspired from my travels through Essaouria, Morocco. As evident, this one's from Essaouria's fisherman port, which is a sight to behold specially in the evenings when it's buzzing with activity with all the fisherman winding up the day. I remember the beautiful walk along the harbour watching those rustic blue boats and I knew right away that at some point I had to put it down on canvas!

50cm x 76cm Acrylics on canvas


It's not the quest for light in the darkness, but what lies beyond.

Oils on canvas 22"x28" SOLD

Celestial Emotions

Is it purple is it blue or is it just a different hue Sometimes those colors in the sky feel like a palette of emotions running high.. I see passion, power, joy and pain all act out in a single game They merge they blend and they embrace So much drama, yet with grace! Is it not a window into our own lives?

50cm x 40cm Acrylics on canvas

Zermatt through Raindrops

36cm x 28cm Acrylics on canvas board

Quest for light


50cm x 40cm Acrylics on canvas

Magnolias in bloom

40cm x 30cm Acrylics on canvas SOLD


This section of my artwork is dedicated to mythology, or rather my understanding of it... The legends, the tales, the beliefs, the perceptions... it's all very mystifying and intriguing. My artwork here is an attempt to portray my depiction and vision of the little I know..


30"x30" Acrylics on canvas


24"x18" Acrylics on canvas


15"x30" Acrylics on canvas with accents in clay

Soulful Rhapsody

24"x18" Acrylics on canvas

Eternal love

18"x24" Multi-media: acrylics on canvas with accents in clay SOLD



the tides of time, those battered looks, that face a tale... you've seen it all.. and yet you prevail

Acrylics on canvas in palette knife 20"x24" Price on request

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