Every school holiday period and on special festivals and occasions I conduct mixed media workshops for children - a truly immersive hands on experience where we explore painting and crafts using different techniques and medium creating a multitude of projects! A ton of smiles and hugs come my way in the process:) The sessions shared here, though not exhaustive, give a glimpse into the scope and breadth of my workshops...

Diwali workshop 2020 (6-9 yrs)

Celebrating the Festival of Lights with this mixed media project depicting two beautiful diyas painted on canvas, accentuated with air dry clay moulded by children

Halloween workshop 2020 (6-9 yrs)

A 2 hour workshop with paint and clay

October holiday workshop 2020 (6-9 yrs)

3 day immersive workshop with exposure to mixed media and various painting techniques (2 hours per day)

October holidays workshop 2020 (10-13yrs)

A 2 day workshop with mixed media exploration

October holidays workshop (Virtual) 2020 (9-12yrs)

A 3 day virtual workshop with complete step by step guidance, each day exploring a different medium

July holiday workshop (Virtual) 2020 (9-12 yrs)

3 day virtual workshop exploring a different medium and project each day (2 hours per day)

Chinese New Year Special - Jan 2020 (8-12 yrs)

Christmas workshop 2019 (6-10 yrs)

A 3 day fun workshop working on different medium

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